Friday, September 04, 2009

Attack Of The Mutant Vegetables

I'm helping out my parents for a few days this week. A couple of days ago, I went out to their garden to see what needed to be done. Well, a lot needed to be done (and still needs to be done), but one thing in particular stuck out. Or should I say, stuck up through the ground. Even with the top of it showing above the ground, I had no idea how big this beet really was.

It is an enormous beet. I couldn't pull it all the way out. It broke at the bottom. There probably should have been someone there to film me pulling it out of the ground with both hands. I'm sure it looked pretty funny. Anyway, after it broke off I shoveled around it and found that I had left 4 inches in the ground. Unbelievable! People - don't let your beets get this big. It's just bad gardening.

That's a size 9 shoe next to it. Yeah.


Ink said...


That is all.

Ink said...

I couldn't stop thinking about the shoe picture...a beet bigger than a shoe! So I showed my husband. We both goggled at it. Supercool.