Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Almost Forgot! (WARNING - Excessive Cat Photos)

Two days ago, on the 16th, was the anniversary of the day when I brought the Plum and Sophie cats home with me. Looking at old pictures, I can tell the Plum has definitely grown and even Sophie looks a little fuller in the face.

Obviously, Plum is still fairly petite. She weighs less than 7 pounds. She was a little crazy from the start. She'd run around like a crazy cat and try to run up the side of the walls, windows, and the limestone facing around the fireplace.

Sophie isn't much bigger than Plum - she's just under 8 pounds. When I first brought her home, she tried to hide behind the furnace, under tables, under the couch, etc.

She looks more confident now, doesn't she!

Now the kittehs spend their days reading zines by librarians. Such a rough life!

Like I said in the post's title, I went a little crazy with the photos.


rented life said...

They are adorable! They look very happy! Ours like to help grade exams and papers (our girl will even chew the corners) and our boy likes to watch As Time Goes By with his mommy :)

k8 said...

Plum gets into anything I have out. It's just how she is. They do seem happy and they get along really well, which makes me happy.